Quality Deer Management Association Land Certification Program

The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) unveiled the Land Certification Program at its 2011 National Convention last August. The long-awaited companion to the Deer Steward courses – which are aimed at certifying individuals – the LCP is a multi-level, voluntary process which will evaluate and certify one or more properties against an established list of Quality Deer Management (QDM) standards and performance measures. LCP Inspectors are the qualified natural resource professionals who will help implement QDMA’s new program by visiting, evaluating and providing guidance on hunting lands throughout North America.

The LCP was developed to recognize the accomplishments of landowners and sportsmen implementing the four cornerstones of QDM throughout North America, as well as those committed to ethics, conservation and biodiversity through land stewardship; and to encourage management practices on participating lands that will enhance deer and other wildlife species, habitat conditions, and hunting experiences by providing incentives, recommendations and/or assistance; and finally to inspire others to engage in sound wildlife management and conservation of our natural resources.

Verdery Forest Management, Inc. is now certified to provide Land Certification Inspection for QDMA, and provide specific land management recommendations for deer herd improvement.

To learn more about the entire LCP including the standards and performance measures, and the three levels of land designation, visit:


If you would like your property inspected, please contact Verdery Forest Management, Inc. at: (706) 678-1232 or tyler@landandtrees.com

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