The ACF Value

THE ASSOCIATION OFCONSULTING FORESTERSOF AMERICAPARTNER WITH A PROFESSIONAL By Billy RyeAlabama Chapter Chair, ACF President | Forest Management Specialist, Inc. Owning land is an American dream. From the institutional investor who wants to maximize the return on investment… Read More

There are many tools available for land and forest management. Planting, thinning, final harvests, and herbicide are just a few options we use to manage timberland to achieve a landowner’s objectives. One of the most useful tools is… Read More

Opportunities Ahead

In October of 2018 the Wall Street Journal published a story titled “Thousands of Southerners Planted Trees for Retirement. It Didn’t Work.” We received calls about this article, and it came up in just about every conversation for… Read More

Get Outside!

Deer season is quickly approaching with bow season starting September 8, 2018. We’re excited to see cooler weather headed our way and the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. It’s time to pull out the bow and Thermacell (and… Read More